Hey New Jersey Guys!


IF you have nice smooth feet and want to model, contact me!


Hey Jersey Guys!

I love a foot massage, I love guys that are into giving foot massages. My feet/soles are very soft. I will not claim to be a "Master", but I do like to "instruct" a foot worshiper who is submissive on how to care for my needy feet. This "submissive" foot boy would do my bidding as I relax with a martini or a beer as he takes instruction from a man who needs foot attention. A proper massage and cleaning, if done properly and to my likeness would be appreciated. If you think you can handle my "man feet" I urge you to contact me at: jon@sockboy.com  I am located in Northern New Jersey, if you are local (must be over the age of 18) and think you can handle my adult sweaty "man feet", contact me, lets talk and see where things go.

A few photos of what you would need to take care of, contact me as your service as a submissive foot servant would be appreciated. Tell me how you would service my feet and how it would be to my best interest to allow you the privilege of spending time with my feet. Also send me your basic stats with a photo of you and your feet!